• Ethan Jayden


Updated: Aug 28, 2019

My hometown of Santa Clarita, California is often referred to as "Awesometown". It's the stereotypical middle class American suburb sheltered from the problems of the inner city. However, that's all a facade. In 2018, Santa Clarita's city council passed Ordinance 14, which prohibited the homeless from staying in public places, even if they sleep within their own vehicles. Hundreds of homeless individuals currently inhabit the valley, yet few are aware of their existence due to the city's efforts to gloss over its problems. Fed up with this injustice, I joined a coalition of student volunteers across the city to host The Oasis. This project provides economically disadvantaged individuals with a selection of clothes, daily essentials and an array of food and meals. Two pop-up shop events have been hosted so far, and another will be hosted in Leimert Park this September. Click the link to learn more!

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